Getting things in order in the Workshop

Well is been a cold winter here in southern Ontario, lots of snow and cold weather again this year. Time to start and look forward to another year in the old workshop.

It’s also time to do the annual cleanup of the old workshop and doing some maintenance on my equipment.  As part of my yearly maintenance and cleanup, I usually look back at my review notes from  prior years projects and look at the the wants and needs for improvements to benches stands and tools.

I find that all your benches and tools evolve over time and are never just right. As you take on new projects you will find new ways to do things better, faster and safer.  These improvements could mean a new way change a bench, tool stand, jig, or add another tool or even a new process to master. Whatever it is a chance to refine your craft and build on your skills….

I am adding a new work bench which will incorporate some new vise designs that I picked up from an article in Fine Woodworking. See the article by John White, ‘New Fangled Workbench Revisited’,  it has lots of great features for the workbench.  I will post a picture once I have finished the bench.

I am also completing a few tool cabinets that I started a year back by adding doors and drawers.  Need to keep out the pesky dust and sawdust.

When I am complete I will post pictures for those interested…..

Anyways its time to get busy….

See you in the Workshop!!

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