Making use of third party services to maximize your time

To maximize my time and my resources I will make use of as many third party services as I can. From pre-cutting plywood to rough sizes, milling of large pieces of wood, and finishing I have used them all.

The main objective is to reduce my time doing these tasks while helping to reduce the space in your shop in the form of storage of raw material, finishing space requirements and space for new machinery to do the tasks. Also if I don’t need the equipment why buy or lease it.  It only collects dust and is no cheaper in the long run.

If someone else can do it quicker and cheaper than you, then take advantage of the service. Their services may save you money and time and allows you to move quicker through your project.

Just remember to add the cost and time-line of the service into your planning and costing of your project.

See you in the Workshop!!

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