Holy table saw outfeed system Batman!

I have looked and studied many out feed ideas that I could use for my table saw. The extension system, in my case, must allow me to move my table saw fence along its track while giving me support for an out feed. I have come up with one that I seems to fit my requirements and I thought I would share it with you.

I made an extension that has two major components plus my portable variable height saw horse for support of the outfeed table end.

The first part of the extension is the out feed table itself. It is made up of table that is mounted to the back of my table saw using metal shelf brackets. The table has a top which has an adjustable section and a lower shelf section that stores my table jigs. I made the main table from plywood I had left over from a  project and added wheels to the bottom so that I could move when I moved the table saw. I added levellers to allow me to adjust the table when it is place on the floor. The top of the extension table has an adjustable section made from is 3/4” MDF that allows me to align the top to my table saw top surface.  The levelling is accomplished through the use of bolts and nuts in the adjustable section that screw into propeller nuts mounted in the main top of the extension. I use a magnetic level to do the levelling, adjusting the bolts either up to down to get to the right height then tightening the nuts up against the adjustable section bottom to maintain the height. I have also two milled slots in the adjustable top that align with the table saw’s miter gauge slots. I also cut two dados on each side of the adjustable top, one to accept the 2’ x 4’ extension and one to accept spacer covers to cover the gap between the extension table and my table saw top.

The second half of the system is a 1/2” MDF 2’ x 4’ board that acts like an extension itself. I have added solid wood stripping to the bottom of the MDF that allow me to place the extension over my saw horse roller so that it will not slip off the saw horse when I am using it.  I also ran a solid wood piece the length of the piece to provide support when I am using the extension as a 4’  extension. To cover the gap between the extension system and my table saw, I milled a groove into the adjustable section some  1/2 MDF pieces that fit between extension top and the table saw top. I cut the pieces into various lengths to allow me to fill in the space as required.  They fit over the groove in the extension top and the table saw fence track.

I got the antique hand made saw horse, from my father-in-law many years ago, its heavy duty and works fine with its 3” roller and screw thread adjustable height mechanism. This makes up my third part of the table saw outfeed system.

When using the extension system, I can use the main section or add the 2’ x 4’ MDF section, in whatever configuration 24” x 48” away from the table saw or 24” x 48” along the width of the table saw as shown in the picture above., to give me support when I am cutting sheet goods or solids. I store the 2’ x 4’ extension on a shelf of the main extension table.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on adding an extension to your table saw.

See you in the Workshop!!

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