Starting down the road to Veneering

When I was at Humber College I was introduced to the art and craft of veneering as it relates to design and making of furniture and cabinetry. Well this year, I am going to setup my own veneering equipment and processes, so that I may add art and craft of veneering as an option to my clients.

I will be Blogging different articles every week, perhaps more than that, as I go through and setup my own veneer press and then practice the various art of veneering, inlays and marquetry. I hope to add pictures and perhaps small videos to demonstrate the articles so as to allow you to get some idea of what is involved in the processes and setting up your own veneer press.

I hope that you join me and enjoy this journey as much as I will. Please feel free to add you comments or perhaps share your experience in equipment or processes.

See you in the Workshop!!

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