Routing safely

I had a router table insert that provided good support for routing larger pieces but provided no support for small pieces. I looked at kits of different insert rings, but they all seemed to attach with a collar. I did not like that method as I could see the vibration from the router loosing the collar and disaster following that.  So I decided to go out and find something better. What I came up with was a Mast R Plate router insert system from JessEm Tool Company.

The insert plate comes in models that fits various routers, through the use of its master mounting ring which has predrilled holes that allow you to mount most any router.

The insert plate is made from solid 1/4” aluminum. You attach your router to the master ring and then mount the ring then to the top plate itself. The instructions were great and easy to follow. The plate comes with one insert ring to cover the opening of the router. I purchased the optional set of insert rings that covers a wide spectrum of openings allowing you to have as little zero clearance to the router bit as you can. I also purchased the router insert template, made of 3/4” MDF, to mount the router plate into the table top. A little investment, but well worth the expense.

I have a Router Raizer, that allows me to adjust the height of the router bit from above the table. You mount the Raizer mechanism to the router itself, replacing the routers raising mechanism (as shown in picture above). To add this to the router plate, I drilled a hole into the plate to allow access to the height adjustment screw of the Raizer.  A crank provides the raise and lower adjustment (as shown in picture above).

All in all I got what I needed with the JessEm router insert plate and template and I see it as an excellent and safety addition to my router table. The unfortunate part of the exercise is now JessEm does not make the router plate anymore.  They have gone to plate where you have to mount your router directly to the plate. A cheaper model, but not a s versatile as mine.

See you in the Workshop!!

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