The jig is up for edge banding!

When attaching edge banding to pieces of plywood that you are going to veneer or finished stock, you can mill your edge band material to the thickness of the plywood or mill it over size and then mill the edge banding to thickness as you go along. I worked with a jig that helped you do the latter process, in Humber College. The jig itself is made up from pieces of MDF, plywood, or particle board that are mounted on a back panel. The back panel is then clamped to the table fence.

The front section is mounted on a back panel so that their is clearance below it to allow you to move the jig over the blade of your saw. The height that the section is mounted above the blade is based on the height of the edge material, in may case here, 1”.

To use the jig (as shown in the picture) the work piece with the oversized width edge banding is moved passed the blade and the access edge banding is removed.

A few notes on the setup of the jig. In order to have a flat surface to slide along the jig, I glue and mill one side of the edge banding at a time. I try to get the blade to remove as much of the excess wood as possible without taking any plywood. I do this by holding a piece of plywood on the side of the jig and move the jig over the blade until the edge of the blade touches the plywood piece. I also adjust the height of the blade so that it is about 32nd below the top edge of the edge banding.

I trim any excess edge banding using a cabinet scraper, block plane, sand paper or combination of all of the above.

When adding edge banding to finished surfaces such as veneered plywood, I make sure leave a small amount of edge band thickness and mill down using the process above.

This jig and process works for me and I get a good result. Hopefully you will try and make the jig and use it to do your edge banding.

See you in the Workshop!

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