A small project for the sliding compound miter saw tool stand

Well this week has been a combination of small projects. You are never happy with your tool stands, there are always new ways to tweak them that allow you do to make better use of the stands.  Take for instance my sliding compound miter saw tool stand. I wanted to add a set of side extensions to support pieces as I cut them. My trying to prop up to hold pieces while cutting them with the saw was a dangerous adventure at best.

Well what I came up with is a design for the extensions that allowed me to use them in two settings,  one as attachments to the table when in storage and two, as fully extended extensions. This was accomplished by making mounting holes in the ends of each extension as well as the top of each extension top.  Then depending on what my needs are, I can attach them in the position that best suited my requirements. Fully extended the bench allows a ton of support for the long pieces of wood.

I am now trying to come with a dust collection system design. Unlike a stationary chop saw where the arm of the saw does not move back and forth and I have to try and come up a design that maximizes the capture of the sawdust while the saw is running as a sliding saw, yet minimize the collection system foot print.

Any ideas?

See you in the Workshop!!

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