Where do I store excess sheet goods and sundry wood supplies?

I manage to have a bit of thin sheet stock around after a kitchen cabinet project or two and I was getting sick of storing it up against the wall and against machines. I have to have things on wheels in the shop so I made myself a mobile plywood rack.

The rack is built using some 2”x4” material and some 1/2” G1S plywood I had in the shop around. The main stand is divided into two sections, which allows me to do sorting of sheet goods and it also provides stability for the unit. I used 2” swivel casters for the wheels.

When I completed the main body and tried it out, I thought why not store my doweling and edge band solids on the stand too. So I added a divided section to the end of the unit. On the other end of the unit I have mounted the top section of a floor standing 16”  fan for summer time air flow and power bar for extra electrical outlets for portable tools.

This was a good project and has helped keep the access plywood and supplies in order.

I hope this provides you with some ideas for your sheet goods storage.

See you in the Workshop!!

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