Project list, may it be a never ending list

Some people think, “Will I ever finish all my projects”.  I say to them, “I hope not!”  For to finish all your projects will bring a time of nothing to do, nothing to learn, and a boring state to be in.

At this time of the year comes the time to figure out what I will do next year.  Some of the projects for next year that come to mind,

  • a vanity for my oldest son’s new bathroom renovation
  • a vanity and closet door for my youngest  son’s hall closet
  • a  closet  door for a bedroom closet that I renovated a few years back
  • a new vanity for own bathroom renovation
  • purchase and setup a bandsaw to complete my stationary tool collection
  • develop a line of lighting fixtures including bases and shades
  • develop a small wooden furniture pieces to include the use of veneers (so I can use my veneer press)
  • develop a line of cutting boards and accessories for the kitchen
  • develop a line of serving trays
  • develop a line of wooden boxes

I am sure that other things will come up as time goes on, but at least it’s the start of an ambitious list and it also gives me something to think about during the cold Canadian winter!! :,,)

See you in the Workshop!!

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