Storage for table saw blades and stuff

Well in keeping with the minimal floor space usage in a smaall car and half garage, I needed some place to put table saw blades and other equipment when I was not using it. So I looked at where I could put the storage and under the table saw extension table seemed to make sense.

I started by building a 3  full extension drawer cabinet. The cabinet is made from 3/4″ solid pine shelving  glued together to make the sides, top and base.  The slides are 22″ full extension sliders and the drawers are 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood.

I made the drawers to fit the things I wanted to store.  The bottom drawer is a made to hold my table saw blades.  It has a divided section which stores the blades upright spaced about 1/2″ apart. I lined the bottom of this section with styrofoam so that the blades woul drest on that rather than on the wooden drawer bottoms. The middle drawer stores my lathe tools and is jsut deep enough for that.  The top drawer stores all my safety equipment and jigs for the table saw and is approximaely the same depth as the bottom drawer.

The cabinet has two wheels mounted to the bottom at the back of the base with a solid strip mounted to the front which balances the cabinet to keep it level and prevent it from not moving.

All in all a greta project and it stores lots of blades, and as George Carlin would say, “Stuff” :,,)

See you in the Workshop!!

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