Table saw fence system purchase

Well I had used my Delta Cabinet saw for about 1 year when I thought that I needed a way to cut wider pieces for cabinet sides etc. The original table fence on the unit was a 30″ extension and this was not good enough as I was cutting 39″ tall cabinets.

I began looking around at various upgrades and after market extension systems and I found one that I like that gave me lots of choice in width (up to 40″ right of the table saw fence) without a huge investment in funds. I choose a  “Red-Line Fence System – 50″ Rip Capacity” system which I purchased from “The Saw Shop”.

The fence basically mounts in the same bolt configuration as my old fence system. It can be moved right or left of the table saw blade by virtue of its extruded rails and bolts which clamp it down. The distance of the extension depends the length of the extruded rails. The extruded rip fence mounts into the front and back rails and is adjustable through its screw system to allow you to make it parallel with the saw blade.  The rip fence also allows you to manufacture various hold down feather boards etc and attach them to the t-track type grooved in the top.

In addition to the fence system, I built a table saw extension table insert. The extension table base is mounted into the extrusion rails of the fence system, using t-bolts and nuts. It gives me extra support on the right side of the table saw for cutting wide pieces of work. I used MDF for the top and it’s screwed to the extension table base so that I can replace it if it becomes damaged.

All in all a good fence system for a table saw replacement and quite reasonable in price.

See you in the Workshop!!

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