What’s on the Bench

Well it’s been awhile since last entry to the BLOG, but I have been busy working on two projects in the shop.

The first project I have completed is a set of Red Oak frames for a set of mirrors from a hall closet door. My son had a set of mirror doors that he replaced and I built two frames from 3/4” Red Oak. The frame on each, has an inset piece of 1/2” round over moulding which is inset 3/4” or so from the front.Woodworking 2010_014 (397x1024) Woodworking 2010_012 (325x1024)

The mirror then is inserted into the frame and a piece of 1/4” hardboard is then placed on the back of the mirror.  There are 4 pieces of Red Oak cross supports with Kreg screws on each end that hold the mirror and hardboard in the frame.  The top support is a French cleat which will be used to mount the mirror on the wall.  A heavy frame, but hopefully it will work as he wants it. The both units are finished using a Dark Walnut Satin from Minwax and several coats of Minwax Wipe-on Poly.

For my other son, who is getting married May 2, I am making a bathroom vanity, which will be our wedding present for the bride and groom. This piece is made from solid Sapele. Sapele is a managed hardwood replacement for Mahogany, which is now on the endangered list of forest trees.

The design has an apron which goes around the top with two drawers mounted on each side of the front apron. A slated shelf is mounted on rails between the side legs. The unit will have a solid surface top and under mount sink. I have the drawers to build and make two inset false drawer fronts then the final sanding of the unit. Then finishing with a Bombay Mahogany stain from Minwax.

.Woodworking 2010_000 (1024x680) Woodworking 2010_003 (680x1024) Woodworking 2010_007 (680x1024)

Thanks for dropping by and having a look.

See you in the Workshop!!

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