Wall mounted bathroom cabinet to match vanity

Well I have the wall mounted bathroom cabinet construction completed. The cabinet will be an inset into a wall cavity between 2 light fixtures. It is going to be installed in my oldest son’s newly renovated bathroom within the next few weeks, once all the work in the room is done.

Sapele Inset Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Sapele Inset Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 2 Sapele Inset Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 3

The cabinet box, cabinet outer frame, door frame and 2 adjustable shelves are made from solid Sapele. The back panel of the cabinet is cherry veneer plywood. The frame and panel door will have a mirror inserted as its’ panel. The outer cabinet frame and door frame joinery is mortise and tenon. No-mortise satin nickel hinges and a magnetic catch complete the cabinet.

The cabinet will be finished with Minwax’s Bombay Mahogany stain and top coated with a wipe on poly.

Not bad project. I am liking the milling characteristics and grain of Sapele. I used a ribbon grain Sapele for both the vanity and cabinet.  I am using the flat sawn grain Sapele for a vanity for my other son. Making projects for the family is great fun. Now I know how my father-in-law felt when he made projects for us. Man I miss him!

See you in the Workshop!

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