Well the door is almost closed on this closet

I have been working on a project that has been at least five years in the making. I bought some Red Oak from A & M Wood Specialty in Cambridge maybe 5 years ago now to build a sliding door for my younger son’s hall closet. Well, the construction of the door is done and now is waiting for a final fitting before I finish the door and hang it.

The door is made in a frame and panel granary door style. The panels are 1/4” Red Oak plywood. The rails and stiles are solid red oak. The joinery is a combination of tongue and groove and mortise and tenon. The rails have 2” tenons which are mortised into the stiles. I am going to add pins to each joint to add a bit of style and strength to the frame. The bottom of the door has a 1/4” wide 1/4” groove cut into it that stops about and 1” from each end. I am going to add a pin to be sued to guide the door in it’s sliding and that will also add a stop for the door opening and closing.

Red Oak sliding closet door 1 Red Oak sliding closet door 2

The track will be concealed in a Red Oak 3 sided frame. The track itself is from Richelieu, and is suppose to hold up to around 100 lbs on a two roller slide mechanism.

The door and track mounting frame are stained using Minwax Dark Walnut and top coated with several coats of wipe on poly.

I will add pictures when we get it hung.

Nice project for a change.

See you in the Workshop!

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