Holy Humidity Batman!

Well this week has been a wash as far as working in the shop. Temperatures with humidity has been around 37 to 40 c. Not nice to work in so I have been taking a break from the shop, but not from working.

I have been puttering with SketchUp to see how to draw my projects with that and I have knocked off a double batch of Orchard Fruit Chilli Sauce. The latter is an annual tradition I have, to make my Chilli Sauce and a fruit variety from fresh Ontario fruits and vegetables. I have around 20 jars of the stuff, which I will give to some people who have helped me during the year and to use not only as a garnish but as a base for my backrib marinate.

Well they say the long weekend will see a break in the temperatures and a reduction in the humidity. I hope so.

On the the old workbench I have a vanity going for my youngest son’s bathroom Reno and my cousin wants a potato bin storage unit built. Also before winter shut down, I have a cabinet project for my sister-in-law, one for neighbour as well as few cabinets for my own house and some kick plate for a kitchen project I did a few years back.  So, busy fall coming

See you in the Workshop!

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