Mahogany and Sapele Bathroom Vanity

Well I have completed the construction of another bathroom vanity. This one is for my younger son’s main bathroom.

Sapele Bath Cab_37 Sapele Bath Cab_38 Sapele Bath Cab_39

The vanity cabinet is made from 3/4” Mahogany veneer core plywood. The drawer boxes are made from 1/2” Baltic Birch plywood. The drawers use dovetail joinery to join the front to the sides of the boxes. The false drawer fronts for the unit are made from solid Sapele. The doors are solid 3/4” Sapele.

There will be a tip-out tray unit system in the false drawer front above the vanity doors.

The drawer sliders for the drawers are Blum Tandem.

Now to do the final sanding and finishing.

Nice project, learned a bit more about woodworking..

See you in the Workshop!

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