Project and shop floor documentation software

Besides using Googles’ SketchUp for providing me with shop documents I use a program from Bridgewood Designs called “Cutlist Plus”.

This article is not an in-depth discussion of the software product itself, as this would take quite a bit of time to do the product justice, but rather an indication of what I have chosen to use to provide me with shop documentation.

After designing and drawing the project, I use Cutlist Plus to input the parts of the project and from the output I get my,

  • Bills of material by vendor for raw materials, including rough lumber, sheet goods, dimensional lumber, edge banding project hardware, project supplies, labour
  • Parts list, which provides rough size and final size measurements
  • Sheet goods and dimensional lumber layouts
  • Customer quotation documentation
  • Project costs

The program,through its Raw Materials section,allows me to create an online control of

  • rough lumber by vendor by sizes, including costs and yields factors from rough lumber
  • Sheet goods and dimensional goods by vendor by size, including saw kerf and padding dimensions
  • project supplies cost by vendor
  • labour ( I have setup costs by type which includes procurement, breakout, assembly, finishing)

There are several versions of Cutlist Plus available to the woodworker, depending on their specific needs. Todd Peterson, the developer, provides excellent support and the software is always being improved.

Have a look at the software and see if its good fit for your woodworking business.

Cutlist Plus website

See you in the Workshop!

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