The end of another woodworking season is near

Well I am in a wind down mode in the workshop. At this time I am giving the shop a good cleaning, preforming maintenance and cleaning stationery tools, as well as doing renovations to tool cabinets and process work flow.

One thing I found this year was  I had not quite got the process flow right when it came to breaking out and milling solids and sheet goods. I was constantly moving mobile cabinets around and that took away from the actual work. To help work flow of break-out and milling sheet of solid and sheet goods, I am changing the position of my table saw so that I cut from front of the garage to the back.  My workbench will become the out feed table of the table saw.

As far as trying to reduce the foot print for mobile cabinets, I am going to combine portable and power tool equipment storage into two 24” x 24” x 48” tall cabinets. I figure that adding pull-out trays on full extension sliders would help me get access to the tools. This will not reduce the foot print of mobile cabinets and I should be able to add storage of power tools and clamp storage, by using the cabinet shelving and sides of the cabinets.

Changing the position of the table saw also allows me to move my bench router from a stand alone cabinet to be part of the side support feed table of the saw.  I have to build a small cabinet below the support table to house my router bits and jigs, but this arrangement allows me to remove another cabinet and free up floor space.

I have also looked at my hardware and supplies storage and I have seen that I have way to many small tins, plastic bins etc. So I have decided to make my own storage solution trays to solve the storage issues.

It quite a process trying to maximize a 13 x 20 garage floor to use as a shop, but the process is always evolving.

See you in the Workshop!