Slow but steady progress

Well it’s been a good two weeks of solid rearranging and cleansing of stuff, but the workshop is slowly coming together. I am also putting the finishing touches on my sister-in-law’s cabinets which I hope to be installing next weekend.

So far I have eliminated one wall cabinet, one floor cabinet, two mobile tool cabinets and refitted one mobile cabinet for a new purpose. I have changed locations of mobile tool cabinets and my lathe to give me a better flow and more room to walk around. I have also gotten rid of a stuff that I don’t need, you know that “I will hold onto this as I will use it sometime in the future” stuff that never seems to get used up but only collects dust and takes up space.

I did make a new cabinet that has three drawers and an open storage section, which will become my new router, router bit, and miscellaneous jig storage cabinet. The old router table cabinet has disappeared and the router, that was in that cabinet, will be located on an extension of the table saw. I still have to mount the router into the table extension, but the main work is done for the setup.

I am taking the storage space for the bench top mortiser out of the workbench and using that space to add new drawers. I can condense the hand planes, hand tools,veneering tools and other measuring devices into the work bench,thus allowing me to remove another set of cabinets from the workshop.

With the rearranging and downsizing of cabinets thus far, I have a more room to walk around benches and mobile cabinets.  As well, I can now make use of the table saw and workbench as outfeed tables for processing solids and sheet goods. So it looks like the workshop reno of the workshop was worth the time and effort.

What I have also discovered in this reno, is that I have accumulated a large amount of solids from past projects and it’s now become a significant dent on floor space. I don’t need to carry inventory, so this winter I will be looking at small tables and furniture projects to help me use the wood up next spring.

Busy time to try and get it all done before old man winter takes me out of the shop.

See you in the Workshop!