Baby it’s cold outside! A time to reflect

Well as mother nature keeps a cold grasp on the climate and the year 2010 draws to a close, it’s time to thing back and see what was done and then look forward to see what is to be done in the New Year, once it gets warm enough in the shop.

It’s been a good year as far as projects. A couple of vanities, some cabinetry for a entertainment units and storage and a radiator cover. May not seem much, but each of these projects had their own challenges in design, construction and finishing. A good set of learning tools for the old guy. Smile

It’s also been a time to revisit the Workshop setup and see what improvements can be made. Although my wife has a bit different view on making changes to the shop, I think the latest changes when completed during the winter off season will make the flow go a bit better.

As far as new up coming projects for 2011, well they include a small kitchen design build and install, mantel and supports for a fireplace, picture frames, drawers and pull-outs for a storage cabinets, new doors for a closet,closet renovations,and also mill, finish, and install trim in a kitchen I installed a few years back.

AS far as new technology for the Workshop,  I am going to focus on setting up and testing my veneer frame and bag presses. This will allow me to add wood bending and veneering to my business line.

So for now, I am waiting until mother nature turns the heat up a bit to complete the renovations in the Workshop and learning SketchUp so I can design in 3D and replace my old AutoCAD LT program.

Merry Christmas to all and may 2011 bring you all great prosperity, good health, and good luck.

See you in the Workshop!