My Brother makes his woodworking Début

My brother has entered into the realm of woodworking and has turned his small one car garage into a small woodworking shop.  He has joined me in the unending task of finding the best tool and wood deals, into the art of portable cabinet ballet, and in continuing to learn and growing our knowledge the techniques and best practices of woodworking.

Last year he took on a monumental build, remodelling a walk-in master bedroom closet. His closet was wire shelves units before, but now is door and drawer full height cabinetry all in solid Red Oak frame and panel design with solid wood drawer fronts. He built two 30” high by 24” deep drawer cabinets, two 59” high x 24 deep adjustable shelf cabinets (which sit on the drawer units), one 89” high x24” deep adjustable shelf cabinet, and a wall cabinet with 4 doors that house hanging rods for clothes. Quite a feat and a nice finish. I don’t have pictures of this reno, but he and his wife did a great job building and staining the cabinets.

Then he started on a mantel for a natural gas fireplace in his basement. Here is the result

DSC_0002 Bills Mantel (680x1024)

The fireplace was framed and the front and side walls covered with drywall. He added the ceramic tile to surround the fireplace insert. Then he added a solid Red Oak Mantel by working it into the structure above the fireplace opening. The mantel material I got from large piece of Red Oak that my father-in-law had bought many years ago. The mantel is approx. 50” long and 5 3/4” wide and almost 3” thick.

Nice job…

See you in the Workshop!