Christmas 2010 brings us a surprise

Well I got the best Christmas present that a father could ask for, my son and his wife announced that they are expecting a baby. Now I feel old, but Grandpa Bowern the Cabinetmaker, that doesn’t sound too bad of a titleSmile

So with this news I have chosen to look into rocking chairs as a present for the new baby’s parents. I had started a project in Humber for an occasional chair but I left it for dining table building. Chair building has lots of challenges in the building process and chair styles are up to the builder. Thus far I have purchased a plan for a simple Mission style rocker from Lee Valley. I have to build some jigs for bending the back stretchers and create templates that I can use on the router table for making chair parts.

Another project for 2011, and maybe a new helper down the road in the shop! Smile

See you in the Workshop!