Revamp the lathe

I acquired a Viel wood turning lathe,from Viel in Montreal Quebec many years ago. Not as fancy as most lathes, but for the price it works great and allows for turning a spindles, posts, and bowls on the inbound of about 8” in diameter. The headstock on the Viel lathe has a screw thread mount for chucks and not the Morse taper, as most lathes have. I replaced the old headstock of the lathe to get newer larger thread mount that I could use with the Teknatool International, SUPERNOVA2 CHUCK that I got from Lee Valley. I also purchased a duplicator for the lathe, which I plan on using for duplicating turnings.

The Viel website is . Customer service at Viel was great!

The Teknatool International website is . They have lots of good projects under the “Projects” tab. Give them a look. The product is well made and has lots of optional jaws that can be added for various types of turnings.

I have since acquired my father-in-laws’ lathe, which is the same model as mine. Dad’s lathe had a motor, which I knew was powerful enough, but also turns out to be  a two speed and reversible model. I had my brother-in-law, who is an ace electrician,look at the motor and he wired it up for me with a switch to move between the two speeds. So what I think I will do is exchange my current motor on my lathe with the new motor from Dad’s lathe. Then I will have 6 speeds based on the three position pulley system on the lathe and motor and the two speeds of the motor itself.

In the spring I want to build a new lathe setup that combines a midi lathe setup and an outboard lathe using the extra parts I have left over from Dad’s lathe and the old headstock that my lathe had. This will give me three lathe setups for all sorts of turning choices.

Well back to the shop

See you in the Workshop!