It’s all in the bag

Well success on phase one of introducing Vacuum Pressing to the Workshop. I now have a 49” x49” 30Mil poly bag setup successfully setup and tested.

I modified my outdoor knockdown table that I use for cutting sheet goods by replacing the long sides with a shorter pair which when added to the other short sides makes a 44” x44” table leg and apron setup. To that I have added three supports which mount along a track on the insides of two aprons and spans the width of the inside opening of the table base to give a top some support. Then I rounded the corners and edges of two 1/2” MDF panels and used then as the top of the structure. This makes a very useful table which is about 24” off the floor.

DSC_0002 bag setup (1024x712)

I placed the vacuum bag on the table setup, placed one of my platens inside the bag and connected that to my 6 CFM vacuum pump.


Turned on the pump. The vacuum started and away we vacuum press.

Cool. Great project.

Now I am going to look at the panels that I need for table tops, doors and sides of cabinets and see what I can get pressed this winter. That way I am started on the 2011 furniture projects.

See you in the Workshop!

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