What’s on the bench, June 2011

Well it’s been a long cold winter and one of the wettest springs on record.

Got out in the workshop after a long winter hibernation and started on a set of lower kitchen cabinets for a client. I am in the closing stages of construction at this point. I have used “Prefinished Maples veneer plywood” for the first time. I bit of change needed to construct the cabinetry boxes. Hard Maple, finished naturally is the choice for door and drawer fronts. Blum TandemBOX is the choice by the drawer hardware. Nice drawer pulls from Lee Valley.

Next up is a cradle for my son and his wife for my first Grandchild. Cherry is the choice.  Pressure is on to finish the cradle for the new addition in August.

Then a table for a good friend’s dad.  Maple table to accommodate a safe and wheel chair accessible.

After that I have a few projects for the house. Hall closet remodel, which includes a drawer and shelf section. Then a closet door project.

Then a I going to try my hand at Guitar making.  Telecasters to be specific, a 1969 Thinline model and a good old Telecaster. I got the plans form my favourite BLOG for Telecaster junkies http://www.tdpri.com/. Went over to Sherwood printing and had copies made of a great detailed Telecaster drawings from Terry Downs and another set of various 1969 and 1972 Thinline models. Going to use Curly Maple for the Telecaster body and Mahogany for the 1969 Thinline body.  Stay tune for more details as I start on the road for the build.

Well back to the workshop to continue with the kitchen cabinets and start of the cradle.

See you in the Workshop!

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