A table for Dad

Well I have completed another project in the long list of 2011 things to do.

BT Dad''s Table_010  BT Dad''s Table_011

This is a table for my buddy”s dad to use in his Dad’s residence. The table measures 24 1/2” x 38” by 33” high. Under the front aprons the inside measures 29” between legs and 30” high.

The table legs are made by gluing two pieces of Maple and adding a 1/4” solid Maple veneer to cover the both sides where the seam of the glue up would show. I routered an inset into the legs sides measuring 1/4” x 1/4”(on the veneer side) to add some detail to the legs.

BT Dad''s Table_008

The aprons are joined using mortise and tenon joinery to the legs. The top which is 24” x 38” is affixed to the aprons using small table top mounting clips which are mounted into slots cut in the top of the aprons. There is a small chamfer on the underside edges of the top.

BT Dad''s Table_009

The table will be finished using a water based satin finish from General Finishes called “Enduro-Var”. This finish is recommended for table tops.

So now onto the finishing. Hopefully done for delivery next week.

See you in the Workshop!

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