Getting a started at turning my cut-offs into projects

Well I have got busy turning my small pieces of cut-offs into something useful. I have got sick of moving and or falling over small pieces of wood that “I am going to use in the future”.


Well the future is now!!


These are some of the cutting boards that I have completed and also a few cheese cutting boards.

DSC_0003 (1280x891) Maple and cherry cutting board
Maple, cherry and walnut end grain cutting board DSC_0002 (1280x1002)
DSC_0005 (1280x966) Maple, cherry and walnut long and end grain cutting boards

What I have learned out of this small project, is how long it takes to make end grain boards, what jigs I need to do this in a more production process, and the sanding methods to use in the final stages.

The process of gluing up the blanks and then cutting the blanks into sections for making the end grain boards is time consuming. Trying to keep each of the small groups of end grain pieces together when you apply glue and try to clamp is fun!! However, when I made a jig out of MDF and two pieces of hardwood to form an right angle glue up jig and also limited the number f sections of end grain blanks I glued up, all went well.

Neat projects for the winter and a way to recycle small cut-offs.

Well back to the shop…

See you in the Workshop!

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