Photography, my third passion

I have always been interested photography.  It is my third passion, the first two are my grand daughter and my woodworking Smile.

I started a way back with a Pentax SP 1000 taking and a few lenses taking many a family, nature, travel, and landscape picture. These pictures were developed into both print and slide format. Now I have graduated into the digital world with my Nikon D5000 and also added a few lenses to the collection.

I find the digital media great as now I can take a snap, review it camera and take a better one of just delete the shot.  No waiting to find out how the picture turned out or that my fat finger was over the lens Smile. I take all my pictures in RAW format to capture the most information of the shot. This allows me to do maximum editing after in my computer.

To replace a development cycle from third party, I use Windows based versions of Adobe Lightroom, Nik Software Collection of plug-ins for Lightroom, Photomatix (HDR software) and Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE Panoramic stitching software).

I figure that I play with the software to develop my prints and at the same time keep my mind busy. Good things for older people like meHot smile.

You can view some of my pictures by clicking on the “Photography” tab on the main menu of this site.

Anyways have a great day, and thanks for looking

See you in the Workshop!

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