New year, new projects to get started in the workshop!

Well it is nice to get out in the workshop after a winter of cold and snow. To get things on the go I first decided this would be a good time to cull out old jigs and benches and rearrange the shop.

Last year I got myself a new lathe to do pens, bowls, boxes etc.  The new Delta 46-460 12” over bed was a nice addition and has been quite a nice treat to work with.  I have my old Viel lathe setup for spindle and table legs. I have some stabilizing jigs to build for both to support bowls and spindles while turning.

I made a new cross cut sled and also a combination dado and 45 degree cut sled for boxes and joinery.

I will get some pictures and add them to the BLOG.

To get into the spirit of craftsmanship I have done a couple of cutting boards, antique peppermills and some bowls. I plan on doing more lathe work this year as complete kitchens are a bit time consuming and with lack of real room to spread out they are a bit to much to work through.

2013 woodworking projects

Next up a set of cabinets for my son, some cabinets for a friends mom, a shoe box for my sister-in-law, and then back to lathe work.

See you in the Workshop!

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