Save a tree and still get good woodworking magazines

The age of digital magazines has saved lots of trees.  I take great pride in choosing magazines that provide great information and that have digital subscriptions or have means of getting digital copies through third party websites.

Magazine such as Fine Woodworking and Popular Woodworking provide its subscribers with the option of choosing to get their monthly magazine through digital subscription.

Fine Woodworking also has an online subscription which allows the user to not only get the monthly magazine online but also get a full search and access to older articles and discussions and BLOGs from its editors and contributors. There is also a Windows 8 app that allows magazine and online subscribers to view the monthly magazines online.

The Woodworking  (GMC Publications) has a great set of magazines for turners, carvers cabinet and furniture makers and those looking for woodworking plans in general.  These magazines are available through their partners websites in digital form.  I get my digital copies through “Pocket” They are available in single copies or subscriptions and are sold in British pounds.

Another one that I get is from the American Association of Woodturners. This magazine covers projects and general tips and topics for woodturners.

Links to these magazines are in the links section of my BLOG.

So if you have a choice, go GREEN and get digital magazines. You save trees for your next woodworking project. 🙂

See you in the Workshop !

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