A start in pen making

Well I have taken another step in wood turning. To develop my skills in turning I have taken on pen making.

I started by getting pen kits from William Wood-Write Ltd., a local pen supply company in Guelph Ontario. The quality of the kits has been spectacular and that goes with the service and help.

I started into this hobby after looking at the videos posted by woodturners on YouTube. People like Oz Workshop, Captain Eddie Castelin, Carl Jacobson, RJBWoodTurner, and Allen Tyler. So I ordered a few kits, mandrel and supplies from William Wood-Write and used up some of my scrap stock from my cabinet and furniture projects to try and see if I could turn a few pens.

Well …..

Custom Wooden Pen - Gold Deco Slimline - Bocote wood

Custom Wooden Pen - Slimline Stylus - Mahogany wood

 Custom Wooden Pen - Streamline - Mahogany wood

Custom Wooden Pen - Stylus - Zebra wood

Now it seems this start is become an obsession as well as a stress reliever. It takes very few tools to make the pens from rough stock to finished turning. Finishes can be as simple as CA glue or rub on friction polishes.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

By the way click on my “Handcrafted Items” page link above, to view other items I have crafted.

See you in the Workshop!

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