Where to get started in woodturning

I first started dabbling in woodturning with my father-in-law, he was the best resource I had. He was able to turnout beautiful tables, stands, and other items on his Veil lathe with the very few tools he had. In fact, it was dad who was instrumental in me obtaining my first lathe.  It was a Veil lathe, the same as he had, to which I later added a duplicator. The lathe allows for small bowls but is really centered on spindle work.

Dad’s brother-in-law, a retired OPP officer and tinker at large, is a woodturner, who with the skills to turn and develop homemade tools from files and steel he was able to get from people and his garage sale ventures.

Both of these guys were very frugal when it came to spending anything on tools and yet were able to develop a good line of homemade tools that did what they were after for their woodturning and woodworking projects.

Their resources were books, wood shows, or just watching other people. Internet was never an influence on them.  Passing of knowledge and keen interest were their main drawing points.

Great teachers for a young man like me Smile

See you in the Workshop!

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