YouTube as a resource

YouTube has been the greatest venue, for me, to see how and what woodturners and woodworkers of all skill levels, have to share in their videos.They all have contributed to ideas for furniture, cabinetry, bowl turning, spindle work, trinkets, boxes, and general skills development.

Some of the woodturners I subscribe to on YouTube include:

  • Allen Tyler
  • AsWoodTurns – Alan Straton
  • Bob Hamilton
  • Brendan Stemp
  • Cap’n Eddie Castelin
  • Carl Jacobson
  • Erik Anderson
  • Frank Howarth
  • Guy Bradbury
  • Mike Waldt
  • OzWorkshop – Robert Hull
  • Robbiethewoodturner
  • woodturningwithtim1 – Tim Yoder

Some woodworkers who I also subscribe to on YouTube:

  • Charles Neil (finishing expert)
  • Paul Sellers
  • John Heisz
  • Steve Ramsey
  • Steve Carmichael
  • Matthias Wandel
  • Alex Harris

These guys put out videos that helps the woodturner or woodworker on skill developing, providing woodworking, finishing, and turning information in general and as well as providing ideas and methods for wood working and turning projects.

Having a coffee in the morning and watching their videos has helped me understand and try new methods for turning as well as giving me ideas to try on my lathes.So if you need inspiration or just need to know how to do something on your lathe, look these guys up on YouTube. Then sit back and watch. You are never to old to learn!

If you come upon a great YouTube resource for wood turning or woodworking, let me know

See you in the workshop!

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