June 11, 2014 garden update

Well here we are starting into the garden season with plants growing and weeds popping. Most of the crops started from seeds are planted out now.

My son’s garden at is home is doing well. The strawberries are plentiful on the vines and my wife actually managed to find a few red ones.  Have to add some straw to keep the weeds down in the bed. The blueberries, rhubarb, and hackberries seem to survive the cold winter and are coming along.  His raised beds look great now with the plants growing.  He has added 3 fruit trees this year; a cherry, nectarine and apple all with various varieties grafted on each, so this should be an interesting crop next year.

At home the beds are planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, leeks, fennel, beets, peas, carrots, lettuce, and parsnips. All are doing well.

My new experience with potatoes has taken off. I have two Smart Pots and two potato bags planted at home with two tubers each and they are coming up. I have 12 plastic 30 litre pots planted out at my son’s home and they to are coming up.I have had lots of advise and help with the potato growing experience from my YouTube friends, baconsoda (Brendan) and Allotment Diary (Dan).  Both of these guys have got upwards of 10 lbs of potatoes from their containers, so I am hopeful of getting around that.

Here is the latest update for the garden, enjoy

See you in the Workshop!


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