Getting near the end of garden season recap

Well here we go with the great potato reveals.  If this is the way things go well this year will be a big “FLOP”.

2 lb 6 oz combined weight for the Duke of York and Rode Erstelling. Both of these were chitted during May and had chits on. The Duke of York was planted in a Smart Pot, although it was not a smart producer. The Rode Erstelling were also chitted abd planted in a plastic potato bag, although that did not make a difference.

I added bone fish meal and 10-10-10 fertilizer at the start and also each time as I topped each container up when the leaves came through. They were watered regularly.

As for the other crops, we got a decent picking of Sunberrys.  My wife has some in the freezer to make Sunberry tarts.

The cucumbers have produced over twenty jars of Microwave bread and butter pickles.  I picked the last 12 this morning as I cleared the beds of the plants. I have had one good celery bunch aand have two more in the beds.  I have had one fennel bulb and two more in the beds.

The Aunt Molly’s tomatoes produced quite a few small cherry size tomatoes and with their pineapple type taste they went well in our salads. The Plum Roma toamtoes are ripening on the vine as we speak, about 30 in total from two plants. The Yellow Pear tomatoes have grown quite a few, especially the one I planted in the beds (6 ft tall plant). The Toma Verde Tomatillos have been an experiment and I don’t think I will grow them at home because of the huge size needed for the plants I grew.

First crop of beets were small, but that was because of the way I planted them, too close to peas. Peas were a good crop. Carrots were a bit small, again I planted them, too close to peas.

Next year as they say. Lessons learned knowledge gathered.

See you in the Garden!!

Crop list for 2014

# Type Name Vendor
1 Celeriac Giant Prague OSC
2 Parsnip Hollow Crown  Improved OSC
3 Beet Detroit Dark Red OSC
4 Pepper Early Sunsation Veseys
5 Pepper Carmen Veseys
6 Pepper New Ace Veseys
7 Pepper Purple Star Veseys
8 Carrot Purple Haze Veseys
9 Carrot White Satin Veseys
10 Carrot Napoli Veseys
11 Carrot Arrowhead Veseys
12 Carrot Rainbow Veseys
13 Peas Oregon Sugar II, Snow Pea Veseys
14 Peas Sabre Veseys
15 Peas Super Sugar Snap Veseys
16 Leek Lancelot Leek Veseys
17 Fennel Orion Fennel Veseys
18 Onion Red Beauty Onion Veseys
19 Onion Talon Onion Veseys
20 Onion Parade Onion Veseys
21 Onion Red Baron Onion Veseys
22 Tomato Toma Verde Tomatillo Veseys
23 Tomato Plum Regal Tomato Veseys
24 Tomato Tomatoberry Garden Tomato Veseys
25 Tomato Aunt Molly’s Organic Ground Cherries Veseys
26 Shallots Conservor Organic Shallot Veseys
27 Potato Pink Fir Apple Eagle Creek Farms
28 Potato Rode Erstelling Eagle Creek Farms
29 Potato Duke of York Eagle Creek Farms
30 Potato Banana Eagle Creek Farms
31 Potato Early – Pacific Russet Eagle Creek Farms
32 Potato Mid – Red Gold Eagle Creek Farms
33 Potato Mid – Agria Eagle Creek Farms
34 Potato Late – Russian Blue Eagle Creek Farms
35 Organic berry Sunberry Veseys
36 Cucumber Fanfare Veseys
37 Cucumber Patio Snacker West Coast Seeds
38 Tomato Indigo Rose West Coast Seeds
39 Tomato Yellow Pear West Coast Seeds
40 Tomato Jaune Flamme West Coast Seeds
41 Tomato La Roma West Coast Seeds
42 Beet Kestrel West Coast Seeds
43 Beet Chiggia West Coast Seeds
44 Beet Touch stone Gold West Coast Seeds
45 Lettuce Royal Red OSC
46 Lettuce Grand Rapids OSC

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