Wine anyone!!

Well I am trying to design a wine cabinet that uses some of my inventory of door frames I have left over from past kitchen projects. I have a rather simple frame and panel type door frame and a basic apron frame made from hard Maple. I have been playing with the design in SketchUp for the past few days and also I have been looking through LumberJocks ( a website for woodworkers www. for ideas.

The SketchUp renderings thus far give me a 30 bottle cabinet that will have insert door panels made of thin bronze coloured perforated sheets.

Modern Style Wine Cabinet  Wine Cabinet Assembly  Wine Cabinet Basic Structure

I used the metal sheets in making a surround for an old water radiator a few years back.  The insert then will let the air flow through and is not too in your face to make it look bulky. I am thinking of tapering the legs on the two inside surfaces to lighten their appearance. I have yet to figure how to successfully do the tapering in SketchUp, but this is another opportunity to learn how to use the program

I am still reviewing this design and looking at samples of designs in websites to see if their is possibly something else that may work. I know I can fill the cabinet with wine Smile.

Just another project design to help me pass the winter blues here in Canada…

See you in the Workshop!

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