2015 Gardening Season – plans

Well as we start to see mother nature give a little in the coming of spring, I am now looking forward to my plans for 2015. This year I have a few things I want to try out and learn from. They include making use of structures to get vertical gardening spots for the plants, growing more in cloth and plastic bag containers, and trying my hand at hydroponics.

As to the vertical structures I have some mobile wire storage racks that came from my oldest son’s garage that I want to add to the deck so I can put the plants up off the floor and more into available sunlight. I should get about 16 feet of rack space on two rack systems. Each unit has 2  – 4 feet shelves. I am also toying with making a unit that is like a pole with shelving to support more cloth pots.

In regards to the cloth pots, I will be using the Smart Pots I had and some new cloth pots from GeoPots and Root Pouches. Both the GeoPots and Root Pouches are a well made stitched seem pot with life span of 4 to 5 years and from first glance look to be a very strong option for cloth containers for vegetables when choosing between them and the Smart Pots.  The price point of the GeoPot and Root Pouches are less money that Smart pots also.

As to the plastic bag containers, I have purchased three red plastic tomato bags Per the advertisement of them, they should provide a good heat source, with the red plastic reflecting heat, to grow tomatoes in.  I also bought another few plastic potato bags. I may try and grow a tomato in one to see if the red bag does make a difference. The ones I had last year and the remaining green containers will be used for potatoes.

I am also considering getting into hydroponics using the Kratky method of growing veg.  This method uses only a container with nutrient solution and water and the plant suspended into the solution and water.  No pumps or electricity needed. I am also looking at a floating hydroponic system, where the plants are grown in net pots placed on a styrofoam platform which is floated on the nutrient and water solution. Both of these methods can use Rubbermaid storage containers as the main planting structure  I will be making YouTube videos on each systems I get things under way.

I just can’t wait until mother nature gets the heat moving in.

Thanks for looking

See you in the Garden.

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