Carving on a bowl, Part 1 Bowl preparation

I have started a new project in the workshop now that a few days have been warmer. I have turned a Mahogany bowl in the shape of an old spaceship. Curved from the bottom and top to meet in a lip area about 7/8” down from the original top surface.

This bowl went through a bit of a redesign phase, so I will only state how the bowl finished out where it is now. The blank started out as a 9 1/4” square piece of Mahogany about 2 7/8” thick. I marked out a 9” circle and cut the circle on the bandsaw, staying outside the line.  I mounted the rough blank on a screw chuck of my Nova scroll jaws. At this point I rounded the blank. The flatten the bottom using a 5/8” bowl gouge using pull cuts. Then I measured, marked out and cut an area to be a tenon so I could remount into my scroll jaws. I then marked out on the side of the blank, what would be a lip to use to curve the top and bottom to.  This lip was 7/8” from top surface and was 1/2” wide. At this point, I used my 1/2” bowl gouge and made successive pull cuts to shape smooth curve from the bottom to the lower lip line that I had made earlier. Then using my scrapers and sand paper I cleaned the bottom surface.  I did not put any finish on the bottom as I will look at that in phase two.

At this point I remounted the tenon into my scroll jaws. What I want to be able to do is have a recess in the top of the bowl so I can use my 100mm scroll jaws to hold the bowl later so I can remove the tenon, finish turning the bottom and do any carving or texturing and finally apply the finish. So having remounted the bowl I measured, marked out and cut an opening first with my parting tool them using bowl gouges. The remaining bowl area was cleaned out using bowl gouges and scrapers.  Now to allow for a lip to use as a transition point from the top to the side lip, I marked out a circle 3/4” approx. from the edge of the bowl opening.  I made this surface flat using my 3/4” flat nose scraper. From that point to the side top lip mark on the side of the bowl, I used my bowl gouge to shape a curve. Sanding was done then to all sides and bowl.

I have a few inclusions on the bowl, which I am thinking of leaving and trying to come up with some design to either carve or texture them into the final bowl.

And that is where we are now! research stage of phase design to figure out if and what to carve and what and how to texture the bowl.  Then figure out the type and style of finish.

Stay tuned.

See you in the Workshop

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