Late March garden update

Welcome guys and gals to the end of March Garden update. We are into spring season, but Mother Nature has not got the memo yet J here is a recap on things as they sprout and are planted in anticipation of getting back out into the garden to prepare and starting the planting and growing process.

My tomatoes (Indigo Rose, Yellow Pear, Jaune Flamme and La Roma) are growing in the house like weeds. Some plants are 18” tall smallest around a foot tall. I hope these grow okay and are ready for planting and produce and early crop.

The peppers ( Early Sunsation, Carmen, New Ace and Purple Star are also coming along sitting I their plastic cup containers. I will repot these as they grow and maybe transfer some to the greenhouse.

We planted again like mad children last night and here is what we did.

· Victory Celery

· Black cherry Tomato

· Esterina Hybrid cherry type Tomato

· Old German ( approx. 2lb, we will see) Tomato

· Night and day Nasturium

· Fiesta gitana Calendula

· Pacific beauty mix Calendula

· Cutting leaf Celery

· Sugar and spice Sweet Pea

· Summer Love mix Sweet Pea

· Barlows Doubles mix Columbine

· Extra curly Parsley

· Coriandrum sativum Cilantro

· Thyme

· Cinnamon Basil

· Bushy spicy globe Basil

· Summer Savory

· Sage

Another venture this year is into low tech hydroponics. I am looking at the Kratky method (as shown on Kevin Bradley’s YouTube channel), Floating hydroponics and a variation of Hand Watered Hydroponics. Stay tuned to future videos on these as they are setup

As stated I have found some amendments to add to my soil this year. One is Spanish River Carbonatite from Boreal Agrominerals Inc. and Worm castings. We will be doing some trials just to see how these work with the crops and containers.

See my BLOG at for the complete list of seeds we have for this year.

Other links that you may find helpful ( By the way, I am not affiliated nor receive any compensation from any of these links, I just state my opinion for your reference)

MHP Gardener

Boreal Agrominerals Inc.

Homegrown Hydroponics

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