Carving on a bowl, Part 2 Carving and texturing

In this episode of carving on a bowl, I take the bowl from where we had left it and do some addition carving and texturing to the bottom and top sections of the spaceship like bowl.

I discuss some good resources for anyone interested in taking up carving or that are interested in just see what it is all about. Also, I show the use of a “Lathe Chuck/Face-Plate Adapter” that allows you to mount your woodturning onto a carving vise or, as in my case, directly to the banjo of the lathe. This device allows you to carve your turning without taking the turning off the chuck. I got mine from Lee Valley.

In the final episode, I will be making the top for bowl, finishing any additional carving or texturing, and applying the finish to the project.  Stay tuned!

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