Final potato reveals of 2015

Welcome back
Today I am doing the final reveal of the 2015 potatoes.  I am at home with a bag of Cara potatoes, whose seed potatoes originated many years ago from Ireland. I also have edited in the final 4 pots of potatoes  from the ranch, two pots each, of Amarosa and Shepody. From home Cara crop I got 4.6 lbs and each from the other potatoes from Craig’s had 4 lbs each. In total, I think we are at approx 40 lbs or so. This short of last years crop harvest, but still a good one based on the dry July and August.
I think I will do a recap video on the way things went this year and on the things we are going to change for next year. It is always fun to reflect back and see what was a success and what was a failure and then plan again for next season.
See you in the Garden!!

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