Review of the Iron Fire Indexing Jig for your lathe

Welcome back
This week I am taking a look at a new indexing system I bought for my Delta 12″ lathe. The index system built into my , is a 24 pinned stop system  I had gotten an email from my local woodworking supply store about another type of indexing system that would add even more choices of stops. The jig is made by Iron Fire Innovations in the US.
Their website is  Check their website for all the jigs they make and other details.
What you get when you buy the jig is a quality plastic disc, a metal pin to use as your new index pin and the instructions on how to use and for making other pieces necessary for using the jig. To use the system, you must make two other components. A pin support and a platform to use for marking on your work. In the video I show you how I built both components and also another platform with a curved platform for marking around bowls and vases. I am sure you could build others to meet your indexing requirements. Also this would be a good starting point for routing or drilling designs on your turnings.
The jig is mounted over the threaded spindle on your head stock. In my case it seats on a flat portion of the spindle against the head stock. You use the pin they sent with the jig along with the pin support you make to set the indexing. The plastic jig goes on the spindle and then you put your lathe chuck on as normal. I have not done any work with the jig, but will be using it to add designs and maybe even some carvings or routing to my future turnings.
I hope you find this video informative. Again, visit the Iron Fire website for full details on jigs and use.

Until next time, see you in the Workshop!


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