Christmas Gifts #3 Bottle opener from Jack Daniels Barrel blank

Well today I am going to turn a bottle opener from a Penn State kit that I got from my local pen kit supplier, William Wood Rite in Guelph.

The blank, which I also got from my pen supplier, is a authentic piece of a whiskey barrel from Jack Daniels. I have the card stating that. The shape of the opener handle is a small dome shape about a 1/2″ from front end of opener and then tapering to the back end of the opener.  The finish I use is Doctor’s Workshop Walnut  Oil and Wax.

I also show you the other part of this special Christmas gift. The 6 pack beer caddie which is made from Red Oak that I had in my cabinet making supply of rough woods. I will be doing a video soon on how I made the caddie, so watch for that.

I also show you some Abranet that I got for sanding. I got this from my pen kit supplier. I had seen Mike Waldt  Chris Fisher and a few others on YouTube use this product so I thought I would give it a go. This appears to be the answer for sanding, as you can clean the Abranet  out by washing it to remove the sanding grit. A much better option of sanding than using conventional paper back sanding paper and  throwing the paper away.

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