Experiment in design Emerging wine goblet

First let me wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Years. It’s been a return to winter weather finally after a very mild December. Huge change from last years extreme cold temperatures and wind chills and tons of snow.

This being my first video for the 2016 season, I have decided this year to try new things and not just same old bowls. This week I have a part of a branch of Maple that fell from a tree at my son’s house. The idea or inspiration for the project came from a book I bought called “The Creative Woodturner” written by Terry Martin. A great book with lots of ideas.

The Maple is quite spalted and to proceed with the project, I first took a  branch that was the approximately 3″ round and approximately 12″ long and put tenons on each end for remounting. Then I cut the branch in half. One section of the branch was then  turned for the cup and small stem of the goblet and the other section was the goblet base and bottom section of the stem. Quite an experience with my first real spalted wood project and lots of sanding due to the punky wood resulting from spalting. The finish I put on was Minwax Wipe On Poly.

Until next time, take care in your shop, stay safe, and bye for now.

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