Oak and Glass platter part 1

This week I am starting a two part series on making an Oak and Glass platter.  The Oak is a piece of Red Oak, 9″ square by  1 1/2″ thick, and the glass is a shade from an old dining room hanging fixture. The making of the top, i.e. the glass top section, will be my second video hopefully next week or when the weather here lets me get back into the workshop.



To begin with, I tried as best I could, to make an evenly cut 8 sided wood blank with the intention of being able to keep the straight edges in the platter section. This seemed to work out well. I am will be figuring out what method of finishing the oak platter.  I may use a combination of dye and gilt cream that I had purchased to do the outside and rim of the platter and use a wipe on poly for the bowl inside itself. I will try and figure that out this week.

So stay tuned for part 2 of the Oak and Glass platter.

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