February 2016 garden update and advice on drip irrigation

Just a quick garden update for this above normal temperature day in February 2016. What a contrast from -30 and -40 C temps and snow piles of 2015 and the big ice storm of 2014. I begin with a brief tour around the beds and outside gardens, ending by showing the progress of my Kelsa onions as grown by Dan on the Allottment Diary. My little specimens are by no means the ones Dan has now. I started mine on Dec 15 2015 and I think they should have been even earlier started when compared to Dan’s onions at this stage.

Last Saturday I started my peppers for 2016.  I am growing Jimmy Nardello and Lipstick, from seeds given to me by Kevin Bradley and some Sweet Banana from seeds from Hawthorn Farms near Palmerston Ontario. I also planted the remaining 2014 New Ace and Purple Star seeds that I got from Veseys. So 36 seeds planted and I will have to see what comes up.

We are in the design stages of putting on a drip irrigation system, which thus far we have decided to use a combination of soaker and drip fixtures for the raised beds and containers. If you have any experience or advice for us in making choices etc, please leave a comment below. We appreciate your input

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