March 2016 garden update

Welcome back!!

Today is March 21st, the second day of spring, and  spring is in the air, all be it only cold spring air!! Today I take you on a tour of the outside beds and discuss the plans for the planters and the raised beds at the home plot.

I am planning on making some wicking beds this year, to try and save time when watering my plants in containers and beds. Many thanks to RobBob and Chris Towerton in Australia for the information and inspiration for the wicking beds. I will be making videos to show you how I am making the wicking beds.

Chris Towerton’s channel

RobBob’s Backyard Farming channel

I review the progress of my tomatoes, lettuce, celery, peppers, and a possible onion seed disaster. The pepper and tomatoes are in red cups for the next month or so.

I am  also going to start trimming my peppers to strengthen the stocks and make them bushy. Thanks to Stephen of the Alberta Urban Garden for information on doing this. I am also going to construct some trellises as seen on Patrick’s One Yard Revolution channel.

Stephen’s Alberta Urban Garden channel
Patrick’s One Yard Revolution channel

I have four 2″ net pots for a hydroponic system similar to Kevin Bradley. The main pail for the system is a honey pail, that holds 46 cup of fluids. I will be making a video when I put this system together. Thanks Kevin for the inspiration.

Kevin’s channel

Bye for now, see you in the garden!!

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