Kratky systems setup for home hydroponics

Welcome back folks

Today I am doing a short video on my Kratky and Kratky plus air type systems.

I started out with two bucket containers that used to have honey in them. My wife picked these up at a local bulk food store for 99 cents each. Each bucket holds 46 cup of liquid. I spray painted the outside of the buckets and lids with a brown spray paint that adheres to the plastic. I bought 2″ net cups and a flat of rockwool in small cubes and Microplugs. On the one system, I will let the plants grow without any air stones (the original Kratky system) and the other one will have air introduced into the system from a 6″ air stone running from a small aquaponic pump. The lids of both have been drilled out for 4 net pots and one hole in the center that I have inserted a normal 1 1/4″ drain plug like you would find in a sink. Not a big investment for this experiment.

I am using a two part hydroponics solution called Dutch Nutrient Formula as the fertilizer for each container. I am going to plant small lettuces and herbs in these to see if I can get a crop.

See you in the garden!

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