Wicking bed projects 2016 Part 1

Well this week I am starting on the garden structure projects, in particular the wicking beds.  I am experimenting with two different designs. This first design was inspired by Jessie Lemieux. I will put a link to his video below. The design I have is using two sizes of Rubbermaid storage containers, yogurt containers landscape cloth, and 2″ central vac pipe.

To make this I have a large Rubbermaid container, which is 15 1/2″ x 21 x 12″ deep, for a reservoir.  The only modification I did to this container is drill two 5/16″ holes about 5″ up from the bottom to act as overflow if the rain or my watering tries to put too much water in the reservoir.

The other container is the same outside size but only 8 3/4″ deep. This will become the actual planter.  I am also using 2 650g yogurt containers as the net pot substitute. I drilled 3/4″ holes around the bottom of the container and a 2″ hole in the bottom corner for a filler tube. I cut 2 holes to allow for the yogurt containers to drop in.  I drilled many holes around the outside of each yogurt container so they act as net pots.  I also cut a piece of 2″ central vacuum pipe as the filler pipe to fit inside both containers.

To assemble the bed, I put the planter box inside the reservoir. Then I added a layer of landscape cloth on the bottom of the planter container. I cut two holes for the yogurt containers and one for the filler pipe to fit in. I inserted the yogurt containers and the filler pipe into their holes. I added a tie wrap to the filler pipe to hold it against the side of the system. I then packed Pro-mix potting soil which has lots of vermiculite and peat) into the yogurt containers. Then filled the remaining planter with the same mix. The I added the water to the reservoir through the filler pipe. This was over 2 gallons.

Now to see how well it wicks up from the bottom reservoir over the next few weeks

Here is a link to Jessie Lemieux’s video on similar design wicking bed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjHP0_qn4AQ&index=2&list=PLme0cF6jPZ_idzAJreBSiW-EcUiLEaSwY

Thanks for your interest, see you in the Garden!

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