May 14th update spuds and Maybe Snow!!!

Welcome back

Today I do a brief update of the plants at the home raised beds, container and my wife’s flower beds.

I also included in the video clips taken last weekend after the planting of the spuds at my son’s in his backyard. We are trying both container as well as in the ground planting. The varieties this year are:
– Linzer Delikatess – Early
– Roko – Mid
– Agria – Mid
– Russian Blue – late
– German Butterball – Late
– All Blue – Late
– Nicola – Mid
– Cara
– Charlotte

This weekend is supposed to be a return to very unwanted weather pattern with lows at night for the next few nights of around -3 and daytime Sunday temps, with wind, around 2. There is also some talk of snow mixing in with the rain overnight tonight. Not a spring forecast so close to the May 24th weekend. As is a tradition for the May 24th weekend in Ontario we may get rain. So it seems the last frost date is not as published as May 3rd, go figure!!

This coming week, when it starts to return to normal spring temps, I am going to be setting out the tomatoes and peppers to harden off and start placing the plants in their final position at home so I can start the drip irrigation project.

So busy next few weeks in the garden, and hopefully with warmer temperatures to help the plants along.

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